To Become Dance Center

Our story

TBDC was founded in May of 2020, with a mission to serve and empower the youth of New Haven County; particularly those in underserved communities.

At TBDC, we’re committed to breaking down barriers and bringing together low-income and middle-class youth and adults not only for dance but to foster social awareness, empathy, and meaningful connections.

We aim to build confidence, promote and increase access to fitness/health, and teach life-long skills that will build lasting coordination, balance, and stamina through the art of dance

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TBDC has a variety of programs and workshops designed for dancers of all skill levels. Dive into our class offerings and sign up for a program today to start your dance journey with us!

Meet the founder

Hello, I’m Rynasia Baldwin, the Owner and Co-Founder of To Become Dance Center. I live in New Haven County, with a dance background of over 20 years.

At 7 years old, my journey began at Dee Dee’s Dance Center, where I learned a variety of dance styles such as jazz, ballet, tap and hip-hop.

While my favorite dance genre has been Hip-Hop, I grew a liking to modern and ballet during my time at Coop High School under the teachings of Mr.Hankey and Tina Kershaw.

Growing up in both inner and outer city communities has shaped my cultural experience in dance and personal life. 

Dance has always been my passion, with a dream to own a Dance Center. While I serve my community as a Multifaceted Entrepreneur, helping shape and mold others, I get to experience my dream come true in the livelihood of my business.